Welcome to Brinder’s kitchen. I show you how to make a quick and nutritious ‘Panjiri’ packed full of minerals, vitamins and fibre. A Panjiri is a healthy energy mixture and in this recipe I make it protein rich by using black chickpeas (kala channa) as the main ingredient. The panjiri helps lowers Cholesterol, stabilises blood sugars, is an Antioxidant, helps with anti-ageing. It can also aid weight loss, improve digestive disorders and promote hair growth.


1 large packet of roasted, unsalted Kala channa

You can pick which nuts, seeds and dry fruit you choose but here are a few I recommend:

1 cup Almonds – good for heart and great skin.

1 cup Pumpkin seeds – promotes good health & sleep

1 cup Four Magaz – A mixture of four types of melon seed kernels. 4 skin and hair

1 cup Sunflower seeds – prevents Anaemia, eases arthritic pain

1 cup Flax seeds (roasted)- rich in omega 3 oils for healthy joints and anti ageing

1 cup Pistachio – boosts immunity system

Sultanas – energy boosters also prevent cramping

Figs and dates – full of iron and vitamin B’s

Sweetener to taste: coconut/brown/ jaggery or ordinary white sugar