Virtual talent show to engage & entertain


Trinjan would like to invite local residents, charities & community groups to watch their prerecorded Virtual Talent Show. As life under COVID-19 pandemic continues, many people may be struggling with loneliness, anxiety and mental health issues. Trinjan have come up with a novel way to help keep people connected and provide some entertainment.
There are seven categories in the Talent Show:

  1. Musical instrument
  2. Singing
  3. Stand-up comedy
  4. Dancing
  5. Magic show
  6. Poetry
  7. Lock down experience

Prerecorded Virtual Talent Show will be available on 18th July 2020 to download and watch from a link on Trinjan website
We are grateful to the participants who accepted our invitation and sent us recordings of their performances to share with the wider audience from the local community.

We would love to receive your feedback about the Virtual Talent Show via Contact Us menu on Trinjan website.