Bajra roti



Half a courgette shredder -shredded 
Onion finely chopped 
One carrot shredded
Methi; coriander or spinach
Chilli one finely grated to your taste
Now for the spices
Salt, spoon of haldi fresh ground pepper 
Little Jawain crush it with hand to release flower 
Cumin seeds 


To roti Make a dough
  • Put all the wet ingredients and the spices into a bowl and mix it with your hands
  • Add 2 cups of the Bajra atta
  • Add a 1/4 cup of hot water and mix with a spoon so you don’t scald your hands
  • Work those biceps
  • You may need to add more flour so it is not too runny. It shouldn’t be too dry either…I like it spreadable.
To make roti
  • Heat The tava
  • Greece it lightly  with ghee 
  • On damp tea towel or pona 
  • Place the ball of Jewar flatten into the desired thickness
  • Throw the roti downwards on to the tava with a tea towel on top
  • Leave for few seconds then remove the cloth 
  • After a few seconds sprinkle little water to keep it soft
  • Turn over  cook other side  on the slow flame – whilst cooking make next roti
  • You can make 6 roties out of this mixture
  • Slightly oil it with ghee or coconut oil as they both help to absorb nutrients
To Eat
It’s a very filling meal that can be eaten for breakfast lunch or dinner
  • With Yogurt, achar, sabji